How to save a ceramic pan ~ DearMamaSal

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Ever wondered how to save your ceramic pan? Well, watch how I “ruined” and then “saved” mine!
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Samuel Natal says:

That's what my father did! I couldn't remember. Thank you so much.

Alicia Brandt says:

You helped us revive a frying pan we weren't ready to part with. Thank you!

John Doe says:

Not a proven technique until you show us that pan is once again non-stick. I have a ceramic pan that LOOKS clean (IS clean), but food is still sticking to it during cooking. Nothing you showed indicates that your technique would fix my pan.

Tiffany Lin says:

Thanks for sharing!! It works for me!

Mark Freedman says:

Question is. Is it still non-stick??

krazye says:

I'll try this on my ceramic George Forman Grill platings and see how this works out 😮

Gerald Dearing says:

Non-stick properties restored?

Jessica Bolas says:

I wish everyone who tries ceramic and thinks it’s horrible for this reason would see this. I’m sooo glad I did!

S Gustavsson says:

My pan was half clean using baking soda with vinegar. Then i attempted the coarse salt only; it just made the streaks. Then I added the salt to my above mixture it cleaned it well. Thank you for the idea of adding salt it worked 🙂

Richard McWolff says:

Glad I found your video. I'll give this a try. I own a beautiful cast iron pan with a ceramic coating over it, professional grade pan that i use for eggs but lately eggs have been a mess and sticking horribly. I just ordered a lid for the pan and thought "great, I have a lid coming for a pan I'm going to just throw out or put away and not use again" and then research brought up your video. Hope this works. I love this pan but I don't like my over easy eggs looking like they got hit by a bomb after scraping them out on to my breakfast plate! lol

Greg Ward says:

really need to try this, but falling asleep, god I hope I remember this tomorrow morning

SentientX says:

Thanks, It worked!

kskc1234 says:

Who knew?? great job Sal!

Carly Cotnoir says:

Ceramic pans are the best!🍳Thanks for sharing this tip!😊

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