Xtrema Cookware Review: Eco-Friendly Ceramic Cooking

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I do my best to share everything I know about living green and toxin-free. A lot of that is looking closely at the food we buy.

But it’s just as important to look at what our food goes in, aka what it makes contact with before going into our bodies.

Assessing the quality of your cookware is a crucial step in creating a clean home. Today I thought I’d take some time to share what I like using in my own kitchen: Xtrema Pure Ceramic Cookware.

Xtrema is a completely non-toxic and all-natural line of 100% ceramic cookware—from the core to the glaze. This includes skillets, woks, sauce pans, dutch ovens, bakeware, teapots, and more.

Shop Now: http://shrsl.com/1nnzl


April Morales says:

Is this sponsored?

clint076 says:

I have been using a 3.5 quart Xtrema saucepan daily for three months. My biggest dislike is not being able to pour water out of the pan without it going all over my counter no matter how careful I am. I primarily use my pan for bringing water to a temperature of about 170 degrees for making tea. Also, I don't like how Xtrema is slower to warm water vs a stainless sauce pan. on 6/1/19 I compared the time it takes to bring water to 185 degrees between a 3 quart stainless steel sauce pan and 3.5 Xtrema sauce pan. I poured 580 grams of room temperature water into my two sauce pans. Then placed them one at a time onto the same heating coil of my electric range. I aloud for plenty of time between tests to allow for the coil to return to base line temperature. Here are the results: stainless steel 3 mins 6 secs, Xtrema 4 mins 40 secs. At first I was thinking I would return the Xtrema then purchase the latest greatest stainless steel sauce pan. However, I kept it despite those two short coming. I think long term use of metal cookware is best avoided so as to not cause additional metal build up in the body. Today I received a 10 inch Xtrema skillet. Now I am looking forward to cooking all my meat on this vs metal.

Misha Streater says:

How long have you had this pot? And what size is this pot?

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