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Setlist: 01- 00:25 Intro [Official Skillet] 02- 01:15 Whispers in the Dark 03- 06:05 Forsaken 04- 10:15 Sick of It 05- 15:55 Better Than Drugs 06- 21:15 Wake Me Up [Avicii] [Cover] 07- 23:20 Comatose [More]
Lucy by Skillet from the Awake & Live Concert DVD
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Band: Skillet Song: My Obsession (Live) Album: Collide DVD: Comatose Comes Alive Origin Memphis, Tennessee, United States Genres Christian rock, Alternative rock, Hard rock, Symphonic rock, Industrial rock, Metal Years active: Since 1996 Labels Ardent, [More]
Those Nights by Skillet from the Awake & Live Concert DVD
Intro to the Awake & Live Concert DVD by Skillet